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Canopy Hotel

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We’re the industry standard for architectural panels

From the day Mapes Industries opened its doors in 1952, we’ve been committed to being the best in the work we do and the way we do it. We’ve evolved over time, but one thing has never changed: our belief in treating every project like it’s the only one.

Learn why thousands of customers continue to choose a fourth-generation family business for architectural panels that stand the test of time. Our commitment to constant improvement is at the forefront of every project as we continually strive to be more innovative, helpful and efficient for our customers.

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Thank You Mr. Marshall!

For many of our partners, Jay Marshall is synonymous with Mapes Panels. You seemingly can’t have one without the other.

It’s for that reason that it’s with both disappointment and pride to announce that after over 28 years, Jay retired from Mapes on January 1, 2021.

It’s hard to overstate the void his absence will leave. And while our team is up for any challenge, we all realize that it won’t be a small task to replace the grace, leadership, positivity, and knowledge that Jay provided us during his tenure.

Jay joined the Mapes Industries team in May 1992 as a Sales Representative, bringing us a wealth of industry knowledge from his previous employment with Kawneer. He was instrumental in the company’s growth over the next decade and became Sales Manager in 2001. During this time, Jay was directly involved in the development of many of our products and never wavered in his commitment to serving his customers.

He was named President of Mapes Panels in October of 2005 and served in that role for more than 10 years, a period of unprecedented growth for our company. During this time, Jay was instrumental in guiding us through a period of change where Mapes Industries was split into 2 divisions (Panels and Canopies). His guidance and expertise made the transition as seamless as possible, for our team as well as our partners.

Always up for a challenge, his commitment to the needs of our customers was Unrivaled. He rarely said “no” and consistently went the extra mile to find solutions to unique problems. His modus operandi was to treat a customer’s problem as if it were his. This approach became the centerpiece of Mapes culture and his example has become the template for how we approach relationships with our partners. His legacy at Mapes includes many tangible evolutions and improvements to our product and services, but it’s the intangible example he set for us that will be the most impactful going forward.

Be honest, be kind, and be present.

It sounds simple, but watching it in practice has been inspiring and those of us that remain here at Mapes are better people for having this example to emulate.

Jay…from all of us here at Mapes, thank you for your commitment to our success and shared goals. Your contributions will be felt here for years and years to come.

With the utmost gratitude,

Your Team at Mapes Panels and Mapes Canopies

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Mapes Panels Receives National Recognition by USGlass Magazine

Mapes Panels has been recognized as one of 2020’s Best Companies to Work for During COVID 19 by USGlass Magazine. Michael Cintani, product manager for Mapes Panels, says the work to ensure employee safety and well-being started in early Mark.

View the featured article here (PDF)

The post Mapes Panels Receives National Recognition by USGlass Magazine appeared first on Mapes Panels.


Architectural Door Sets

The architectural door sets are the pre-assembled units consisting of the door, the door frame, the door stop, the architrave and the fixing brackets. They are fitted with all accessories including closers and handles. The accuracy is attained by manufacturing through CNC machinery, which produces consistent-size assembled units. The architectural door-sets utilise experience and high performance to serve the residential; educational; health care; commercial; and public sectors. The door-sets efficiently fulfil the purpose of safety, protection and privacy.

The architectural designers, in collaboration with the clients, generate high quality products to meet various demands. The architectural door-sets come in various materials and finishes. They are usually made with good quality wood including veneered MDF, pine, oak and most hardwoods. They are offered in veneered, laminated and painted finishes. The entire assembly is non-fire rated and acoustic, with glazed vision panels and seals.

Architectural door-sets are advantageous with respect to the work efficiency. The man-based task has been transformed into a computer-based task. It enhances the precision required in the manufacturing process. The off-site manufacturing decreases the cost and installation time. Usually few labours are required for the installation.

The broad division includes flush or panelled door-sets, in standard and non standard sizes. Based on the material and the function, the architectural door-sets are classified into different types. The different types of architectural door-sets include acoustic sets, solid timber sets, post formed door-sets and radiation shielding door-sets.

The acoustic door-sets consist of required perimeter seals, which are integrally fitted in the frames. The acoustic performance is specified at 40 db. The performance is achieved through multilayer acoustic core surrounded by double timber perimeter. All kinds of wood give a base for veneering, painting and lamination. Such architectural door-sets are used in schools, recording studios, cinemas, leisure centres and conference facilities.

The solid timber doors include glazed, ledged and braced doors. The glazed doors come in partially and fully replaced glass panels. The glass panels include clear, coloured, smoked and wired type of glass. The braced doors contain horizontal and vertical panel doors. These door-sets come in single as well as double doors. It also comes in fielded and raised panels or simply in flush panels, moulded in various designs.

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